Evatronix SA expands the distribution of eviXscan 3D scanners in Canada
Bielsko-Biala, Poland and Ontario, Canada, 11th May 2021 – Evatronix SA has established cooperation with Canadian Additive Manufacturing, which became a distributor of eviXscan 3D scanners and solutions on the territory of Canada.
2021-05-11, 09:29

Canadian Additive Manufacturing deals with additive manufacturing and 3D scanning solutions. The company operates in the Canadian market, a demanding market in terms of introducing new scanning technologies and processes. That is why Canadian Additive Manufacturing carefully selects new products for its portfolio. The company focuses on choosing the best solution from a given product category and, in the case of 3D scanners, it has decided on the eviXscan 3D brand:

– We are very excited to incorporate a top of the line structured light scanner for metrology applications into our portfolio – says Jason Podger, Managing Director of Canadian Additive Manufacturing.
– Evatronix's products are high-end equipment at a competitive price. The possibility of cooperation of eviXscan 3D scanners with Geomagic products is an additional advantage – we use Design X and Control X programs in our projects every day. We also offer them for sale the possibility of their integration with the scanner is very useful.

An important aspect that influenced the decision of Canadian Additive Manufacturing to represent Evatronix is the performance and technical specifications of eviXscan 3D products:

– After receiving the eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro scanner, we were very impressed with the quality of data we can get from it and how well built the product is – explains J. Podger. – All of this makes us excited about the prospect of working with Evatronix, and we look forward to promoting the eviXscan 3D brand in Canada.

Janina Bugla, Export Manager at Evatronix SA, talks about the opportunities resulting from the partnership with the Canadian company:

– As a company, we always operate in two ways: we constantly launch new products and expand our distribution network, developing new export directions. Cooperation with Canadian Additive Manufacturing will allow us to intensify our foreign sales and strengthen our position on the global market. Our Canadian distributor will take care of sales of the full range of eviXscan 3D devices and customer service. It will also provide the highest quality of service, ensuring that, if necessary, customers can quickly contact and answer their questions without intermediaries and language barriers.

Asked about expectations from the cooperation, J. Bugla replies:

– We see great potential in the cooperation with the Canadian Additive Manufacturing team. With our products and their solid knowledge and experience on the 3D market, we will be able to effectively promote our technology in Canada and ensure that the local customer is satisfied with their investment.

About Evatronix

Evatronix SA offers services in the field of design of electronic and mechatronic devices with accompanying software. The most common applications are Internet of Things systems. In cooperation with proven subcontractors in the value chain, the company also realizes prototype series, pilot and low-volume production of devices it designed. Evatronix SA is also a manufacturer of 3D scanners sold under the eviXscan 3D brand. Based on its 3D scanning technology Evatronix designs and implements automatic quality control systems.     
In the Polish market Evatronix also acts as a supplier of printed circuit boards and Pulsonix software for designing printed circuit boards. The local government appreciated the company’s innovativeness and global reach: in 2019 it received the prestigious Company of the Year award of the City of Bielsko-Biała.  

About Canadian Additive Manufacturing

Canadian Additive Manufacturing focuses on promoting and implementing modern 3D technologies into companies that use traditional methods. With years of expertise in 3D scanning, additive manufacturing and design we work together with our customers to grow their business using state of the art technologies. Whether it be 3D scanning as a service for inspection or reverse engineering, additive manufacturing for prototypes or low volume production or the implementation of these technologies into our customer facilities, Canadian Additive Manufacturing is here to grow the industry and support Canada in any way that it can. Canadian Additive Manufacturing bases its services on a quality system and focuses on building long lasting relationships with its customers.

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